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The future changes the past


What does this mean, you may ask.  For us it means that the way we choose to live our lives now and create our future can impact the way we perceive and preserve the past and our heritage as stewards of Planet Earth.


APU Supefoods’ vision is to bring health, sustenance and super nutrition to individuals in order for them to reach their full health potential.  The process of which provides a way to promote healthy individuals, healthy communities and a healthy environment with easy access to Ancient Food Wisdoms, integrating these in a modern way to provide proper power nutrition.


We promote sustainable farming practices, strive to be environmentally and socially accountable, sources mostly organic and first and foremost are driven to create sustained economies for the indigenous communities of Peru, allowing these communities to be self-sufficient and grow.


In accordance with Fair Trade for all we aim to achieve better trading standards and conditions, appropriate pricing for suppliers (limiting exploitation) and elevate social and environmental standards. Up to now, this has been part of the driving force behind the support of world-renowned sportsmen and -women who believe in giving back to indigenous communities.


We work closely with our sister organization IAPICC (The International Association for the Preservation of Indigenous and Contemporary Cultures) in supporting various programs in preserving Ancient Andean Wisdom Traditions. These include traditional forms of dying threads and weaving (Weavers of Wisdom - School of Weaving), oral transmissions/storytelling, the altomisayoc and pampamisayoc traditions and apprenticeships, as well as ancient food and medicine wisdom traditions.


Ancient Andean cultures relied on what the Environment or Pachamama provided in their immediate surroundings for optimal health and good nutrition.  This allowed them to collect and transmit a wealth of information about the healing and nutritional qualities of their local food/plants from generation to generation.


Our aim is to nurture a symbiotic relationship between modern technology and native wisdom, for the benefit of all.

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